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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Citrix Partner Day

Went to the Citrix Partner Day today to check out all new cool features of Presentation Server 4.5 and all other products of Citrix.

Citrix is presenting there products as an complete Application Delivery Architecture. This Application Delivery Architecture consists out of 6 core products:
1) Citrix Presentation Server 4.5
2) Citrix Netscaler
3) Citrix Access Gateway
4) Citrix WanScaler
5) Citrix Edgesight
6) Citrix Desktop Server

Presentation Server 4.5 has some new feature like the capabilities to stream applications to other presentation servers and desktops. The lay-out of the presentation server has changed to, more features are configured through the Access Management Suite (formerly known as Access Suite Console), and less features are configured through the Presentation Server Console, which will disappear in future developments. There will be 3 versions for sale of the new Presentation Server, The Advanced, Enterprise and the Platinum Edition. The Standard Edition has become obsolete, with the future presentation of a new product which will enable Application delivery for small businesses. There is no use to explain all new features and changes here on this blog, because that's all been done before by other enthusiasts.

Netscaler, is an hardware appliance which optimizes traffic to the enterprise web servers. It optimizes traffic, provides more security and is a layer7 (osi) firewall.

The Citrix Access Gateway has also received some modifications, so will the Advanced Management console disappear. All the features of the advanced edition will be enabled on the appliance, making the Advanced Management Console obsolete. The Enterprise Edition will now have the feature of the advanced edition, plus some extra features like protocol optimisation. The 10000 model is able to serve up to 10000 concurrent users.

Citrix Wanscaler, for accelerating applications to branch offices, instantly improving the performance of the application delivery up to 75%.

EdgeSight, now this looks really interesting. It monitors your application delivery environment from server to client. You can even clock the performance of your delivery. Downside of this product is that it can't be installed on the same server as the pressentationserver, and needs its own server.

Desktop Server delivers virtual desktops to users.

The set of products really looks exciting, and i hope to have the change to test all of them in the near future.

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