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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vista: Soundblaster 5.1 Live

As i was in the beta-testers team of Vista i had my share of Drivertrouble in the new operating system. One major problem was installing the soundcard, and getting all features to work ( in which i never succeeded during betatests). A week ago i decided to upgrade my home desktop from XP to the new Vista.

Installing your soundbalster is still an issue, and according to creative will not be solved because of the live-cicle of these soundcards. Even on there support forums, Creative chooses to be non-supporting partner. The best help is as always the guys who expereances the same trouble. After a shearch of 4 hours i found following driver:

And first tests looks (sounds) good. Even my 5.1 speaker seem to work like they should.
This driver package even adds some really cool features. Planning to upgrade my soundsystems, i will check Terratec and leave Creative for what it is. Never been pleased with there driver policies anyhow.

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