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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Windows 7 and Winamp

A few weeks back i decided to install Windows7 Beta on my desktop. Had it running in VMware. But you know how it goes. You install it, play a litle and loos interest. By installing it on my desktop i am forced to use it, and get a far more better experience with the product.

Well so far so good, no problem what so ever. Every thing runs smooth in exeptance of Winamp.
Winamp crashed as soon as i fired it up. Googling the issue told me that some people resolved it with removing the Winamp configuration file from your profile. I tried it, and indeed Winamp would launch after the removal. But you could not see the interface of the program. You just saw the application being active in the quick-launchbar, but that was all. I decided to reinstall it, clear the configuration file, and choose Winamp Clasic instead of the Bento Skin. To my supprise the issue seems to be resolved.

I still could not completly verify, but it looks like the Bento skin doesn't work in Windows7.

So if you want to use Winamp, remove the Configuration file. Launch the Application and do not choose the default Bento skin.
The default location of the Winamp config file is in the user profile:

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