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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exchange 2010 SP1, what will be new?

This short article shows some of the features that will be added with SP1 of Exchange 2010. At this moment in time it is still unclear of what the complete package encloses, but this is what i found scrolling the net:

Improved Archiving: This is surely an absolute favorite. When the official Exchange 2010 public Beta was released i was kind of disappointed in the archiving feature. Mainly because it needs to be kept in the same mailbox database as the users active mailbox.
If you think about it, why did we start to use PST's in the first place? Right, to keep our mailbox databases from growing beyond manageable capacity. So why should we than allow our users to have an archive mailbox on the same database again? For that matter we could allow our users to own a bigger mailbox, instead of giving them a archive mailbox. In this case we would only have to worry about one mailbox per user in stead of two.
If we where allowed to keep it in another mailbox database, well that would be an improvement. Then we could keep these archive mailboxes on cheaper storage, where there would really be some use for the archive mailbox. Well Microsoft has announced that with the release of Exchange SP1 the archive mailbox of the user can be placed on alternative mailbox database. So it will be possible to place the archive mailbox on cheaper storage (yea!).
The archive mailbox is only viewable when using Outlook 2010 or Outlook Web Access. Well with the release of Exchange SP1, the archive mailbox will be visible in Outlook 2007 also.

Exchange Control Panel (ECP): Well my beloved Exchange Control Panel will get more functionality: With the release of SP1 we will be able to manage following features through the ECP:
. Exchange Transport Rules
. Mailtips
. Journaling
. Archive policies (?)
. Group Naming Policies

The multi-mailbox search : Well the multi mailbox search which we know today will be extended with 3 nice features:
. Search Preview: Will display a raw estimation of items that will be found matching the query.
. Search Deduplication: Since the queried e-mail get sent to multiple mailboxes, search queries often pull duplicate files. The de-duplication feature ends such redundancies.
. Notes: Ad notes to the items found.
More info can be found here.

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