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Monday, February 20, 2012

Decommission Lync 2010 standard pool

A lot of companies start with a Lync standard edition in a POC, when the POC is approved they upgrade their standard pool to an enterprise pool. You cannot upgrade you existing standard pool to an enterprise pool, but have to create a new enterprise pool, which I did.

Firstly a bit of explanation about the Prove Of Concept. The network with this customer are basically islands where only a limited number of ports are opened between these networks. This has as a result that if two users, each located on a different network try to communicate with each other. As the client ports are blocked they need to use an edge server's MCU to successfully communicate with each other. So in the POC two servers where deployed, a Single edge and a single Standard front-end server/pool.
The POC was deployed in the production environment where Exchange UM plus multiple application where integrated as trusted applications in Lync. also a PBX gateway ad voice route was defined.

As this is a production environment, with real live user accounts it seemed best the deploy the new environment along side to the existing POC deployment. After the new deployment was in place the users where migrated to the new pool.

Get-csuser | where {$_.registrarpool -like ""} | Move-CsUser -Target

The following step is to move the conferencing directory to the now pool:

Get-CsConferenceDirectory | where {$_.RegistrarPool -like ""} | Move-CsConferenceDirectory -Target

As Exchange UM was set up, we needed to move the Exchange Um Contact.

Get-ExUmContact | Move-ExUMContact -Target

Then launched the Lync Topology builder.
Removed the association of the front-end pool with the edge pool.
Removed the PSTN gateway
removed the voice route
Get-CsVoiceRoute | Remove-CsVoiceRoute

Removed the trusted application servers.
Removed the edge Server
Published the topology and ran the deployment wizard on all the servers to update their configuration.

Checked and moved remaining application end-points
Get-CSApplicationEndPoint | where {$_.Registrarpool -like ""} | Move-CSApplicationEndPoint -Target

Opened the topology builder again. Removed the Standard edition front-end pool and published the topology. Be sure to wait for replication between all the different step, advancing to fast can result in temporary errors.


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