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Friday, March 18, 2011

Online Archive - Office 2007 support

Today a customer called me to ask if Microsoft Office 2007 Standard edition supports the Exchange 2010 on-line archive.

As I recalled a message on the Exchange team blog, telling that Office 2007 finally supported the Exchange on-line Archive. I replied "Yes, Outlook 2007 supports the Exchange 2010 On-line archive".

He replied a bit surprised claiming that all his Office 2007 professional Editions see the on-line archive, while all the standard editions do not.

My first hunch was that those clients must be missing the patch which enables the on-line archive. Yet the customer replied that all patches where installed, even the February roll up for office 2007 (

Investigating the issue a bit further revealed that not all Outlook 2007 versions are the same. Following link explains that Office 2010/2007 standard editions do not support the Exchange 2010 On-line Archive:

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