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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lync2010 Certificate import failes

In previous article I explained a few issues which i encountered while trying to publish the Lync2010 topology. The next step was to install the lync server itself. This spindled off pretty well and ran as expected. The next step however gave me a bit of a challenge.

Microsoft did a good job in creating a wizard that addresses every step of the installation process in the correct order. After Lync has been installed it is time to request and assign a certificate to the Lync server. This can be performed by using powershell or the GUI. I choose to run the GUI (lazy; i know) in stead of the poowershell commandlets.

The wizard however failed, claiming that the RPC server of the
CA is unavailable.

RPC error usually point to network and/or DNS problems, so started troubleshooting network or dns issues. Whatever i tested all tests returned positive, meaning i could not discover any network or dns issues. This started to look as the ghost in the machine case. Checking the certificate request log clearly states that the CA in unavailable (C:\Users\%username%\Appdata\Local\Temp\Request-CSCertificate-[2011_08_21][16_01_34].html); but as i couldn't discover any i decided to alter the certificate request. I changed certain parameters as adding credentials to the request, but they all failed to make the difference. In a final attempt i enable the check-mark to make the private key exportable, which eventually resolved the issue.

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